This is how vehicular traffic will operate on the bridges between Colombia and Venezuela from this January 1

Posted January 03, 2023 at 10:01 am

The technical teams of the two countries, which include the Ministries of Foreign Affairs on the Colombian side; Commerce, Industry and Tourism and Transportation, and entities such as Migración Colombia and DIAN, among others, have already defined the requirements and conditions that must be met by both vehicles and drivers who want to transit through the new Atanasio Girardot infrastructure, also known as the 'Puente Tienditas' and by the other bridges that unite the two countries. In the case of private Venezuelan vehicles that want to enter Colombian territory, they must prove the property title or document from the Venezuelan authority that proves ownership; the SOAT or equivalent insurance policy, with the same protection and coverage characteristics; the identification plates of the country of origin and be in optimal mechanical and safety conditions. If the vehicle enters for a period equal to or greater than three months, it must have a technical-mechanical review.

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