Travelers will know in real time critical points and road closures due to rain

Posted November 03, 2022 at 14:11 pm

“From this Friday before the start of the festive bridge to facilitate the information of Colombians in the 7: am, 12 pm and 7 pm slot, a technical official from the National Institute of Roads, INVIAS and the National Infrastructure Agency, ANI, who will make known in real time the situations of temporary closures and total closures of roads, authorization of alternate routes and which points are going to have difficulties due to landslide situations," explained Transport Minister Guillermo Reyes. He reminded all those who plan to leave these days to take into account a winter wave that will last until December and is forecast to be increasingly critical, it is important to keep in mind the situation of the air and land terminals, as well as the critical points of the roads, both those in charge of the ANI and INVIAS.

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