The 4-0 decree for free trade zones to include trains and airports

Posted August 23, 2022 at 17:08 pm

Decree 4. 0 modifies requirements and extensions, since it reduces investment commitments by up to 30% in localities with high poverty rates, reduces by 15% the minimum amount of investment required for declaration and extension, reduces from 18 to 6 months the time for declarations, allows the realization of electronic commerce in free zones, eliminates the requirement of a minimum area of 20 hectares for new free zones dedicated to the provision of services in municipalities with less than 1 million inhabitants and enables the possibility of applying for new free zones for agro-industrial activities and airport and railroad concessions. It is expected that under the new government of Gustavo Petro, the provisions of Decree 2147 will be modified and these new benefits that meet the needs and development of the markets will be available.

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