The extinguisher calculator is a tool that allows the establishment of the recommended amount of extinguishers according to NFPA 10, whose homologation for Colombia is NTC 2885. This tool has been designed in a simple, practical and useful way, obtaining a recommendation that Tailored to your specific needs.

Within the form, you will find several boxes accompanied by a blue symbol that will allow you to resolve your concerns about it. At the bottom of the form you can add more types of materials stored, according to the needs of your environment or operation. Finally the tool generates a downloadable PDF, with all the general recommendations in the handling of extinguishers and also the type of fire extinguisher that will be useful to you.


Type of facilitie

Type of bulding
Total Risk
Type of stored merchandise
Type of fire
Type of extinguisher
Area SQM

Use it to add and remove types of merchandise